Our Services

Peter Mason at Cuckmere Chambers specializes in all UK indirect taxes, in particular VAT and Insurance premium taxes and covers other direct taxes. He can also look at disputes with a view to resolution, in commercial and employment issues.

Peter specialises in providing:

  • Tax Advice: Essential for business transactions
  • Tax Planning: Arranging matters in a legally compliant way consistent with Parliament’s intention
  • Tax Dispute: To be avoided if possible but seek resolution.
  • Direct Access
  • Other Dispute Resolution: A one-stop shop

Areas of Expertise

Value Added Tax

  • Financial services and Insurance
  • Property
  • All other areas of VAT including registration, liability and compliance.

Tax Administration

  • Penalty issues including mitigation

Insurance Premium Tax

  • All aspects including registration, liability and compliance.

Second Opinions

  • Advice on prospects of success in litigation

Inheritance Tax

  • Liability and compliance.

Commercial and employment issues

  • Review of commercial documentation
  • Review / drafting of agricultural licences and leases
  • Resolution of commercial and emplyoment disputes

Stamp Duty Land Tax

  • Generally including compliance and tax consequences from estate management including :
  • Mixed use relief
  • Multiple dwellings relief

Direct Access & Dispute Resolution

All persons, individuals, and companies can instruct Counsel directly under the Direct Access Scheme. This can also help save costs.

Peter is also authorised to conduct litigation by the Bar Council of England and Wales. This means Cuckmere Chambers can act as a “One-stop shop”, saving costs.

Peter also acts through and for professional firms in the traditional way. He can contribute his innovative thinking and ideas to new and complex situations.

Peter can offer a wide range of fees for all matters, especially those of a more complex nature, or those that might lead to an appeal, as applying normal rates can mean it is impossible to take appeals forwards. Peter can look at the merits of a case and advise whether it is worth taking forwards.