Range of Fees & Direct Access

Peter Mason ‘s price model for direct access clients can be a fixed fee, hourly rate, conditional fee agreement (“CFA”) or damages based agreement (“DBA”).

Indicative fees are as follow:

  • A fixed fee may be possible for a straightforward matter.
  • Hourly rates are in the range of £130 to £250 /hour, depending on the nature of the matter,  including the amount of work involved, complexity and client circumstances. 
  • Any percentage fee payable under a CFA or DBA may be subject to a statutory cap- for employment matters that is 35% of any amounts received, including VAT.
  • VAT if due, is chargeable in addition Additional costs may be payable including travel and overnight accommodation.

The overall cost of a case will depend on how straightforward or complex a matter is, the need for additional documents, and the approach taken by the other side. 

More details can be provided on request.


Peter is happy to discuss the above further with a view to advising on possible fee arrangements for direct access clients. He can be contacted at peter.mason@cuckmerechambers.co.uk